Nov 17, 2010

Home :)

Here is what I have been doing to my new apartment. Little by little :)

Some of this artwork is actually done by my 6 year old son :)
Ikea side table($7) with extra pillows, blankets underneath. Target torch lamp just to add a glow, not bright light.
My bamboo plant is growing tall. Secret is only give spring water, not tap :)

I LOVE my chocolate brown throw blanket. It is huge and so warm. I wrap in it at my desk and also to watch movies. I found it for $5 at a store called Anna's Linens. I am buying another one in a beige color :)
Books make good decoration after you finish reading them.

I got the idea to add these 2 bookcases from the inspiration picture below :)
Just small things I had around the apartment that needed a place.

Some more books I've read :)

 Here is how it looks in the actual soft lighting.
I don't watch tv lol, but this is where I relax and watch good movies :)
Here are some pieces that I added to the bookshelf. These are hand-painted wooden rasta alligator and car. You can purchase these on ebay here.

I hope you like the room I created and please let me know what you think!