Nov 12, 2010

The Bedroom

Through the years and the many apartments I have lived in, I never gave much attention to my bedroom. Now i realize how important that room is. You spend a generous amount of time in there sleeping, so comfort level should be at max. From the wall color, to the sheets thread count, everything matters :)

What stood out to me in this bedroom was the windows. They seem to be the focal point of the room. I also like the dark floors contrast to the white wall and white lamps. The recessed lighting reflects off the floor to give it extra glow. The color on the accent wall is perfect and makes up for the fact that there is no wall art or curtains. Simple and elegant.

So many things to like in this bedroom and that is why my bedroom colors now are very similar to this. I love the white side tables against that wood panel wall. I like the sky blue to dark orange colors on the bed. My bed now has a sky blue throw and off-white sheets. I have a beach picture above it with splashes of orange. It gives a tropical feel to the room.