Feb 22, 2010

I moved :)

A few weeks ago I moved to a new place because my old condo manager started charging me $140 per month for water? Yes...so it was time to move on folks. He also kept my deposit for the water charges that I refused to pay...ahhh, don't you love heartless people? Putting that negativity aside, my new place rocks! It's 3 levels of ultimate comfort and we are so happy here. I have a 2 car garage on the bottom level and a huge storage room that I am using as a gym. The main level has a huge kitchen with breakfast room and skylights (even a built-in desk for laptop), a formal  dining room that the kids are currently using as a play area, a sun room that I use as an office, living room with beautiful fireplace and half bath. Top level has 2 big bedrooms each with full bath and amazing views. I will update with more pictures when I finally finish unpacking :)