Mar 13, 2009

Lifestyle changes

There are a few online blogs that talk about how good sushi is and I know it's not a new food but I have never eaten it. Today was the first. I LOVE it. I went to a store called "whole foods" where they sell all organic food and got the avacado cucumber wrap. Soooo good. Tomorrow I am getting a tuna, salmon wrap for dinner. So begins the new diet! Oatmeal and grapefruit for breakfast, mixed fruit and coffee for lunch and sushi and salad for dinner with another grapefruit for snack! I drink alot of FIGI water in between and in 1 month I lost 8 pounds before I started the Sushi. Now I replaced chicken and pasta with sushi and I really think it tastes better.

I even switched the baby food from Gerber to Organic..and it costs LESS!

In short I found that Whole foods store is more fancy than your average supermarket. They have a huge salad bar, fruit counter, meat counters, sushi counters, brick oven pizzaria inside and everything is custom to what you want to take home. I thought it would be more expensive but it actually costs less for alot of things I buy like the water ($1.50), baby food(10 for $11), Mixed fruit($6.50) and I paid a little over 5 bucks for the sushi. Not bad right? The salad was $6.99 but it was loaded with veggies like eggplant, chick peas and artichoke that I never see in other packaged salads. The salad bar lets you create your own and bring it home. I didn't have time to do that because my son needed a diaper change lol. So you can eat more healthy and spend less money.