Jul 29, 2011

Dining Room Style

This is what my dining room looks like now. It's bigger than the average dining space with a gorgeous bay window that brings in a ton of light. It has a carpeted floor which will be hardwood very soon. It needs an accent wall color and a new chandelier because this one is outated with a brass trim. The house was built in the 90's but certainly has a lot of 80's style to it lol..

These pretty wine goblets were a great find. They are hand painted and have a soft blue glow. All I need now is place settings in plain white!

This is how I want the room to look :) Notice the wall color is a light turquoise hue. The curtains are a golden yellow shade. I have a pair exactly like these in my closet because I didn't know what to do with them...

The chandelier is breathtaking. Its a Murano and costs almost 3k.. so I found a less expensive look..

I found this beauty on a website called Elizabeths Embellishments for $58.95.

 Now on to the rug..my favorite part of the room :)
 This is the Jonathan Adler Magic Carpet Rug  made from llamas wool. The price is $650 and unless I can find something that looks similar, which I have not lol, I would pay that price to have it!

Here are the side by side pictures so you can see my vision.